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About Laura

Saying there is much more to accomplish, State Rep. Laura Devlin (R-134) announced today she is running for a third term to the Connecticut State House in the 134th Assembly District, representing the towns of Fairfield and Trumbull.

“Yes, I plan to run for re-election. I’ve worked very hard to represent the residents of Fairfield and Trumbull and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us to fix Connecticut’s fiscal crisis. I hear from neighbor after neighbor that they can no longer afford to live in our state and I stand ready to continue to fight for them,” said Rep. Devlin.

Devlin, in her second term, has been an outspoken critic of Governor Malloy and the majority party’s disastrous progressive fiscal policies. Laura, with her Republican colleagues and five brave House Democrats, along with three Democratic Senators, said ‘NO ‘to the same old partisan party politics and well-funded special interests and instead stood up for the best interest of our state, by stopping a budget plan, which would have increased a litany of state taxes and slash education funds for Fairfield and Trumbull.

“I am very proud of the progress we were able to make this last session – halting proposed taxes on restaurant bills, hospitals, cell phones, income, and second homes, for the type of smart fiscal reforms – putting in place spending and bonding caps, municipal mandate relief, and votes on union contracts,” said Rep. Devlin. “The same old ideas of taxing our way out of our fiscal crisis were finally replaced with new, smart, sound approaches to begin the process of turning our state around.”

In the end, Devlin along with the rest of the Fairfield and Trumbull legislative delegations were able to get almost all of the proposed taxes out of the final state budget and nearly restore state funding to education.
Devlin added, “Connecticut is served so much better when we work in a bipartisan way – that’s what’s finally started happening in the legislature. Now is not a time to go backwards.”

Among her accomplishments, Rep. Devlin supported bi-partisan landmark legislation, to curb the opioid epidemic in our state and supported the creation of a new cancer relief fund for our state’s firefighters who develop certain kinds of cancer on the job. With large bi-partisan support, Laura also worked to pass the first positive change to the affordable housing law (8-30g) in 20 years.

She also fought for an affordable statewide transportation plan with a real ‘Transportation Lockbox’ that could NOT be broken in to, and which prioritizes existing transportation infrastructure.
Rep. Devlin argued putting state tolls back on Connecticut highways were not necessary if we were realistic with our transportation plans.

In her first–term, Devlin was particularly strident in her opposition to the 2015 tax hikes, which were a “last straw” in General Electric’s (GE) decision to move out of Fairfield.
Laura serves on the legislature’s Transportation Committee (all laws pertaining transportation and motor vehicles), she is head House Republican on the Government Administration & Elections Committee (election laws) and also serves on the powerful tax-writing Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

Devlin, a former member of Fairfield’s RTM, is a small business owner and former Metro North commuter.
Laura has lived in Fairfield for over 20 years with her husband and two grown children.



Taking Action. Getting Results.

PASSED a no-tax increase budget

FUNDED transportation without tolls

STOPPED Metro-North fare hikes and bus service cancellations

SUCCEEDED in eliminating tax on Social Security and pensions

PREVENTED Gov. Malloy from raiding municipal aid

PROTECTED education funding

REINSTATED the Medicaid Savings Program

STOPPED new tax proposals o cell phones and restaurants

IMPLEMENTED spending controls on the state checkbook and credit card

RESTORED funding for CT veterans

The Issues

Taxes and Spending

State spending is at record levels, and Connecticut residents pay more in combined taxes than those of any other state in the nation. You can count on me to continue to be a leading voice and advocate for ending the tax and spend policies that are crippling our state. I believe we must return to common sense budgeting and spending at the state level like we have to do at home – spend no more than you make and borrow only what you can afford to pay back.

Jobs and the Economy

Let’s stop the exodus of business from our state and help companies choose Connecticut by lowering the cost of doing business. I support reducing or eliminating job-killing business taxes and removing unnecessary regulations. I believe that when we encourage companies to come, stay and grow in Connecticut – they’ll create jobs, contribute revenue, and ultimately help turn our economy around.


For people and businesses to choose Connecticut, we need a safe and reliable rail and highway transportation infrastructure. Connecticut is one of few states with a car tax and has one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, intended to support our transportation fund. But for too long, that money has been pulled out for special projects or to balance the budget – so now there is a call for tolls. We don’t need tolls or more taxes to fix our roads, bridges, and rails. We need a realistic plan with prioritized projects that will provide the highest economic return for our state.

Our Communities

As State Representative, I have worked hard to secure our municipal and education funding, stop tax increases, promote job opportunity, preserve the environment, help craft legislation to combat opioid abuse, champion education initiatives, and support the health of our firefighters, women, and families. I am proud to have earned a 100% voting record, and I pledge to continue to work hard for you.

Open Connecticut

Open Connecticut for business to compete with other states and grow our economy from the ground up in all our communities with fair and honest taxes and less job-killing red tape

Open Connecticut by fixing roads and bridges using funds we already collect without tolls and new taxes

Open Connecticut communities with predictable funding so our schools, firemen, and police can continue to protect and serve our residents and families

Open Connecticut government to reforms that make politicians and bureaucrats more accountable

Open Connecticut to checks and balances to end the old, business-as-usual policies that have driven our

state into crisis

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