Endorsement: Connecticut League of Conservation Voters

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Congratulations! The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) endorses Rep. Laura Devlin for Connecticut House District 134. We are proud to support candidates like you who are committed to protecting Connecticut’s environment and will make it a high priority at the state legislature.

When the General Assembly convenes the 2021 legislative session, citizens of Connecticut will be depending on you for the environmental leadership that earned you CTLCV’s endorsement. We will call on you to help us move important legislation or help stop anti-environment initiatives. Likewise, we trust that you will call on us whenever you need information to better understand specific issues impacting our land, air, water, wildlife and climate. Working together, we can leave a clean and protected state to future generations of Connecticut residents.

Thank you for your leadership and enthusiasm in tackling important environmental issues. We look forward to your successful election on November 3rd.
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