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To the Editor:

While running for office, Governor Lamont learned early that many Connecticut taxpayers did not want tolls because they knew this was another tax. This was why he changed his proposal to “trucks only.” Big surprise that once elected the Governor’s plan became tolls for all, not just trucks.

As House ranking member of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, State Representative Laura Devlin was a leader in the fight against tolls. Legislators like Laura and the group No Tolls Connecticut educated the public on what tolls really meant to taxpayers – turning our state into the most densely tolled in the nation, enabling continued misuse of revenue intended for transportation infrastructure, and an easy way to continue to grab more money out of the pockets of Connecticut taxpayers. When the plan was declared dead, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief. But we should still be holding our breath.

Laura and others recognize the toll plan ended only because democrats could not risk such an unpopular proposal in an election year. A number of democrats would likely be defeated in the upcoming election if they voted in favor of tolls and they could not afford to lose their majority stranglehold in Hartford. So politics being what it is, the democrats declared tolls “dead.” But make no mistake – tolls are not dead; the issue of tolls is merely waiting to creep back into the next legislative session.

The democrats fooled many into thinking the Governor would stick to truck only tolling. Now they want us to believe they would not bring tolls back. But they will. It is imperative that anti-toll candidates are elected in November. Your vote for Laura Devlin is critical to ensure she is re-elected and will continue the fight against tolls when they are proposed again next session.

Alexa Mullady
Fairfield, CT

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To the Editor:

During this election season people will be focused on the national race, but now more than ever we need to pay attention to the people we are choosing to send to Hartford.

The Democrats in the state continue to use the diversion tactic of blaming the president for Connecticut’s troubles. The reality is it is the democratic majority in our state legislature that is responsible for the sad state of affairs in Connecticut. They rubber stamped Dan Malloy’s directives and continue to do so with Ned Lamont. It is why our taxes keep going up and why our state is in a state of disrepair both fiscally and physically.Subscribe

One party rule is never a good thing and until the stranglehold the Democrats have in Hartford is removed there will continue to be no conversation with the Republican legislators. Without conversation there can be no bipartisan solutions, no compromise, no way out of the hole we are in. Connecticut needs to keep the Republicans we have in Hartford and vote out the Democrats who are nothing more than another guaranteed “yes” vote for the governor. Please vote to re-elect Laura Devlin in the 134th, Brian Farnen in the 132nd, and Tony Hwang for the 28th senate district and let’s get a real voice for the constituents in the 133rd by electing Joanne Csonka-Romano. Cristin McCarthy Vahey has chosen to vote with her party instead of representing the best interests of Fairfield. She voted for a budget that cut our school funding and recently turned her back on our Police. Time for a change.

James Millington

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To the Editor:

As a young Fairfielder studying public policy at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, I proudly write in support of Rep. Laura Devlin’s re-election, and I ask all voters of the 134th district to consider her outstanding commitment to young people in Fairfield and across the great state of which I am proud to call home.

Laura Devlin is the thorough, compassionate, and dedicated representative that policy students across the country aspire to be. Her commitment to bipartisanship is at her core during a time when our community, state, and country need it most; this sincere dedication is demonstrated in her work on the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding, Education, and Transportation committees, where Laura passionately advocates to make Connecticut a more ideal place to live and work in partnership with Democrats in Hartford. Laura is guided by one authentic belief — it is her duty to do what is right for Fairfield, Trumbull, and our state, always with her constituents and future generations in mind.Subscribe

I have known Laura since I was in middle school in Fairfield, and her passion for serving her constituents and future residents of our state has manifested in her dedication as a mentor to local students interested in government, policy, and community service. Laura not only understands that young people are important stakeholders in state policy decisions, but she actively seeks to engage them in the democratic and legislative process. I have Laura to thank for getting me involved in local and state issues, and it is from her that I learned we all have an obligation to make our communities better, to serve the marginalized, and to attack the tough issues facing our state head-on.

I am beyond fortunate to have Laura Devlin as a role model for serving one’s community, and we are incredibly lucky to have her as our representative. I encourage all voters of the 134th district to enthusiastically send Laura back to Hartford to fight for us.

Damian Chessare

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To the editor;

The latest candidate questionnaire for state races gave me the opportunity to look at newcomer Carla Volpe, who is challenging our incumbent State Rep. Laura Devlin for the 134th District. When newcomers have fresh ideas, leadership skills, and independent voices they add to the public discourse. What I found in Volpe’s responses was disappointing.

Volpe says she will support any non-partisan, judicious effort to eliminate inefficient programs and people. However, she has not identified what state programs she believes are wasteful, nor suggested ways to eliminate those expenses. What caught my attention most was she does not say “bi-partisan” effort meaning she will work across the aisle, she says “non-partisan,” meaning she won’t be influenced or biased by others outside of her party. She talks about supporting “any and all reasonable legislation” over and over, yet offers no policy, legislation, or solutions she herself would propose.

Volpe’s answers indicate she is unproven and will play the politics of follow the leader to more government. Hartford has enough followers, what Trumbull residents in the 134th District need are leaders with experience who represent all, a tested and proven leader like Laura Devlin.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republicans

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To the editor;

I am writing to urge voters in the 134th District to cast their vote to re-elect Laura Devlin as their state representative.

I am a retired Trumbull elementary school principal and I have followed Laura’s advocacy and support of education in both Trumbull and Fairfield since she was first elected six years ago.

When it comes to education, politics has no place at the table. Laura understands this. She works hard to ensure that decisions that impact our education system are made with the best interest of our children in mind.

Just last year, Laura worked with a bipartisan group of educators, parents, and town leaders to stop a plan that would have forced the regionalization of school districts. That would have been a disaster if implemented.

As a member of the state legislature’s Education Committee, Laura fought for local school boards to make their own curriculum decisions as well as have control of their budgets. Educators and parents understand just exactly how critical that is.

Laura has also fought threatened cuts to the state’s education budget several times. I know first-hand what would have happened to our school systems if those cuts to Trumbull and Fairfield’s state education funding had succeeded. We are lucky to have Laura standing up for us.

It is important for our children, teachers, parents, and staff that we keep a strong advocate in Hartford. I hope you will join me in supporting Laura Devlin on Election Day.

Jacqueline J. Norcel, secretary (R)

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To the editor;

My name is Olivia Moreno, I’m 22 years old. In 2016 I graduated from Trumbull High School and earned my bachelor’s degree from Southern CT State University in 2020.

I have always considered 2016 a big year for me. First, graduating high school and entering the real world. Second, I was eligible to vote in my first ever election. To my shock, 2016 was the biggest year yet for presidential elections as we had two very big, important individuals running for the position; Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I never witnessed such an uproar between the parties than in 2016 and it captured my attention as I got ready to cast my first vote. I needed to pay close attention to each candidate’s values and what they would bring to the table; what changes they thought our nation needed.

Listening to both sides, there wasn’t a party I could say I wanted to be a part of. I gravitated to the person not the party and in the end, I registered as an unaffiliated. On election day, I witnessed an altercation between a man and a woman over who was voting for who and why. The man, a Clinton supporter, was very angered by the woman supporting Trump and proceeded to call her names. Not the best first impression of the Democrats.

During President Trump’s time in office, I concluded that I could never be a Democrat. They are not a party that represents me. I disagree with their agendas, they are angry and worse yet, they are anti-America; the America I know and love.

Once that was decided, I drove myself to Town Hall and changed my political affiliation to Republican. This is a party that supports my values, my beliefs and more importantly, it supports America.

I am a Republican because, it’s about common sense. I am a Republican because I love America and want to see us all succeed. I am a Republican because the party allows me to be me; to feel free, supported, loved, respected and independent in my choices.

It’s why I support David Rutigliano and Laura Devlin. I want representation that makes me feel like I matter. Not a party agenda or a narrative, me. My voice, my values, my family and my future. Please stand with me as I vote for David Rutgliano and Laura Devlin on Nov. 3. They represent us; the people of Trumbull.

Olivia Moreno

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To the editor,

I’m writing wholeheartedly and enthusiastically in support of state Rep. Laura Devlin, a respectful, intelligent, tireless and hard-working leader in Hartford. She was instrumental in educating CT residents all over the state about the complex facts regarding the tolls issue and the Special Transportation Fund. I attended her very first informational forum, after I had done my own research first on this issue. She was factual and made everyone feel comfortable, no matter what side of the issue they were on, and didn’t end the meeting until everyone’s questions were answered. She tirelessly held at least 20 meetings around the entire state in the evening after already putting in a full day of work.

We get federal funding for not having tolls as part of a special agreement from the Stratford toll accident many years ago.

We pay one of the highest gas taxes in the country, which is supposed to go towards the transportation fund. $1 billion of this has been diverted for other spending during the last 20 years.

Numerous expenses were tossed into the transportation fund, including pensions. They should no longer be included in this fund and it should be used entirely for our infrastructure needs.Subscribe

It’s a very complex issue and nobody should be adding yet another tax onto CT residents, especially a tax for driving to work as many cannot afford it. CT is the second-highest taxed state in the country, yet we rank 48th in fiscal solvency. That screams mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Recently, that four-letter word, toll, has emerged again. Many current legislators and candidates are pro tolls for cars and trucks, including Cristin McCarthy Vahey, Jennifer Leeper, Michelle McCabe and Carla Volpe. Please remember Connecticut this election!

Cathy Politi

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To the editor;

I am writing to convey my support for Laura Devlin in her bid for re-election as our state representative for the 134th General Assembly District. Having had the privilege get to know Laura and witness first-hand her level of genuine care and interest in each resident she meets, I know without a doubt that Laura is the best choice to represent all residents of the 134th District in Hartford.

During her time in Hartford Laura has taken that caring heart for her constituents and turned it into action. She has a 100 percent voting record overall since being elected. Laura was out front in the fight to hold our electric providers accountable when they proposed dramatic rate increases on the heels of questionable response efforts during the latest tropical storm. Also, Laura was recognized as State Representative of the Year by the Motor Transportation Association of Connecticut for her efforts in standing up for residents and small business owners alike against the imposing the threat of tolls on our highways.

Additionally, she was endorsed by the NFIB – the voice for small businesses, CT Realtors, and the CT League of Conservation Voters.

A vote for Laura is a vote for the kind of work-ethic, compassion, and sensibility we need more of in Hartford. Please select Laura Devlin on Nov.3.

Matt Caron, District 4

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To the editor;

At this point in time, Connecticut needs experienced leadership in Hartford. We can’t afford the luxury of electing an inexperienced candidate with a considerable learning curve during these challenging times.

Laura Devlin is an experienced leader who has proven herself to be hardworking, committed and successful. Laura is a former top corporate executive who knows what it’s like to ride the crowded Metro North into the city everyday and battle in the business world. She also knows the challenges of being an independent business owner. She knows what it’s like to meet a payroll and deliver a product.

As our state representative Laura has brought real world experience and entrepreneurial ambition to Hartford. Let’s look at what Laura Devlin has done while representing parts of Fairfield and Trumbull (134th District) in Hartford.

She succeeded in leading the charge to stop the tolls in Connecticut that would have hurt working families and small businesses. In this over-taxed state, she opposed $1.8 billion in new taxes. She helped seniors by opposing an attempt to end the phase-out of state income tax on pensions.

Connecticut remains one of the few states that still taxes pensions, thus losing our senior population to other less costly states. She has supported the education of our children by helping to defeat a plan to force local school districts to regionalize. She has supported our police and firefighters by advocating for PTSD benefits for them.

During the height of the pandemic you could find Laura every Wednesday afternoon in front of the Trumbull Library collecting supplies for the Trumbull Food Pantry. She’s not afraid of a hands-on approach to problem solving.

This COVID- 19 pandemic has changed our world and is presenting us with challenges that are even more complex than before. We need experience and hardworking leadership in Hartford to lead us out of this nightmare. We need leadership that can move us forward to make Connecticut a place where people can work, raise a family and retire. We can do this. But we need Laura’s experience and work ethic in Hartford to succeed. We need to send State Representative Laura Devlin back to Hartford.

Joe Pifko, District 4 |Trumbull Republicans

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To the editor;

Since 2008 I have watched the race of the 134th District state representative closely. I worked with Tony Hwang on his campaign and he was a tough act to follow. In 2014, 2016 and 2018, I supported the Democratic candidates as I listened to their platform and thought they would be a great fit for the times we were in.

But, 2020 is a year of struggle and rebuilding for the State of Connecticut. Many of the governor’s rulings do not make sense to me, such as deeming Realtors essential employees, but stay home, stay safe and have countless strangers come into your home? Common sense?

This is not the year for on-the-job-training, but a year to send an experienced, common sense, community minded advocate to the state – and that is Laura Devlin. I appreciate her strong business sense. She has been present in the Trumbull community weekly collecting food for the food pantry, helping individuals and businesses navigate the assistance they may be in need of during this time and available for questions and concerns on the state level. Laura Devlin has earned my vote.

Laura understood the negative effect the tolls would have had on Connecticut. Laura understands the balance between keeping Connecticut healthy under COVID guidelines and the economic and financial stability for business owners and residents. And she will continue to work hard advocating for the educational funding needed in both Trumbull and Fairfield.

Laura understands the negative impact the governor’s ruling on tenant protection during COVID has had on landlords. And I trust Laura will continue to advocate with a common-sense approach, through research, and passionate arguments on our behalf.

Laura understands what is needed to navigate success in these uncharted times. We need Laura Devlin in Hartford to continue the work she has started. As an unaffiliated voter this is the year I cast my vote for Laura Devlin and I hope you do as well.

Lisa Valenti, U-4th District

Trumbull Town Council

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To the editor;

I am writing to urge voters in the 134th District to cast their vote to re-elect Laura Devlin as their state representative.

I am a retired Trumbull elementary school principal and I have followed Laura’s advocacy and support of education in both Trumbull and Fairfield since she was first elected six years ago.

When it comes to education, politics has no place at the table. Laura understands this. She works hard to ensure that decisions that impact our education system are made with the best interest of our children in mind.

Just last year, Laura worked with a bipartisan group of educators, parents, and town leaders to stop a plan that would have forced the regionalization of school districts. That would have been a disaster if implemented.

As a member of the state legislature’s Education Committee, Laura fought for local school boards to make their own curriculum decisions as well as have control of their budgets. Educators and parents understand just exactly how critical that is.

Laura has also fought threatened cuts to the state’s education budget several times. I know first-hand what would have happened to our school systems if those cuts to Trumbull and Fairfield’s state education funding had succeeded. We are lucky to have Laura standing up for us.

It is important for our children, teachers, parents, and staff that we keep a strong advocate in Hartford. I hope you will join me in supporting Laura Devlin on Election Day.

Jacqueline J. Norcel, secretary (R)

Trumbull Board of Education

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The type of leadership we should all be proud to have in our community, regardless of party affiliation.

As our streets are lined with political lawn signs, and the air feels crisper each day, one thing is abundantly clear: Fall is among us, and so are the impending November elections. Although many feel they’re tired of hearing about political issues, tired of the political mud-slinging that seems to have defined so much of 2020’s National Political arena; and just tired of the state of our nation as we approach month #9 of a global pandemic (seriously, this is getting exhausting); it’s easy to tune out the political noise and just throw up our hands and say, why should we care? The world seems to be on fire each day anyway, right? What can we do that will make anything better?

Sure- some days we all feel that way- but the following day, we must wake up and realize, OUR WORLD IS ON FIRE!!

When an issue important to you, your family, and your livelihood explodes, and you need to call in for help- who are you going to call?

Each week, another major issue seems to pop up in our ‘world’. Whether it’s at the State level, the Town level, or even your specific neighborhood—things are happening, and often- they’re major issues that we simply can’t fix on our own. Each individual, with only one vote can’t make collective change without strong advocacy, strong representation, and frankly- calling in on the experts who know where to go to get the job done, who to call to get your issue heard, and most importantly, what it’s going to take to make the change.Subscribe

When something is on fire, you call the person who is going to answer your call, show up, and use their skills and tools to put the fire out.

Regardless of your political affiliation, or whatever issue in your ‘world’ that seems to be exploding against your will, those types of leaders – always answer the call. They show up. They say “how can we help?” And they get involved. And frankly, it doesn’t matter what party you typically support..that’s the type of leadership response we should all be proud to have in our community.

And that is precisely what our neighborhood organization learned about two strong community leaders: State Rep. Laura Devlin and Senator Tony Hwang.

Just over a year ago, after whispers of a major zoning change to our Greenfield Hill neighborhood in Fairfield, neighbors congregated to share concerns, to strategize how we could collectively come together to appeal the flagrant abuse of process that had somehow been allowed to occur, and how we can fight for our community to protect the zoning. After significant fundraising efforts, burning the midnight oil researching statutory provisions and hosting late-night meetings to prepare, filing two lawsuits in Superior Court, public hearings with the State of Connecticut, and even testifying at the Capitol in Hartford to propose a bill to protect the well-intentioned group home definition (SB-185); our little original group of half -a-dozen neighbors, has turned into an organization of over 300 supporters called Neighbors for Neighborhood Preservation who are working hard to prevent a ‘mental health residential living home’ treatment facility from operating in two residential zoned homes in Fairfield. And we are successfully demanding action, demanding change, and standing up for what we believe is right in the face of profit-driven circumventing of the well-intended laws that impact our most vulnerable members of our community. And who has been part of each step of that process? Laura Devlin & Tony Hwang.

As a group of volunteer neighbors, who created this organization which met after we all got home from commuting to our full-time jobs daily, most of us had little political background or experience. We needed the expertise of seasoned experts who knew how to get an issue to the top of the agenda, to present our cause in front of the people who hold power to make change, and to elevate our arguments to be taken seriously. But, we didn’t have to ask for their help.. Laura & Tony heard about these neighbors who were working hard to take a stance…and they asked US how THEY can help

So much of our progress and success thus far, has been because they have supported us since our organization formed. From attending every late-night meeting with our board members, meeting to discuss strategy, to plan out our procedural and political approach, and facilitating our cause in front of the press- both Laura & Tony have continued to show up, to stand by our board, and walk us through the process to make sure our voices are heard.

They came to each Zoning meeting to help us prepare with our attorneys. They spoke at the Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing. They authored letters of support of our objections toward former Town Officials and the procedures that were ignored. They attended meetings with us at Town Hall. They demanded explanations, answers, and more importantly, a promise to restore process and transparency.

But their support of us didn’t stop there.

Laura & Tony invited our board members up to the State Capitol in Hartford, and arranged for us to testify to the Housing Committee with their legislative member support, literally walking us through the aisles of the State Capitol to ensure our arguments were heard.

They joined hours upon hours of conference calls, preparing for the Certificate of Need hearing. They wrote letters of legislative support to the Office of Health Strategy, making it clear that the Neighbors weren’t just NIMBY complainers , but that legitimate process was failed here, and that risks to community structure, services, and healthcare access were dire as a result of this failure. They demanded that we were owed a duty of process and transparency.

They marched into the packed room at the OHS Hearing at Fairfield University, and presented prepared testimony to set the tone of the hearing on our behalf, advocating that the State of Connecticut cannot just rubber stamp fraudulent applications such as Newport Academy’s, without acknowledging the grave danger it presents to our community, and communities all over the State. They refused to back down, and continued to advocate on our behalf.

As 2020 continued, they arranged conferences with First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick and the new Town Attorney to ensure our efforts remain at the top of the priorities our Town faces this year.

And they never gave up.

Laura & Tony have been a part of this small neighborhood organization since Day 1, and not because they were asked to be, but because it was an issue that resonated with them as neighbors, because they live here too.

As the President of this organization, Neighbors for Neighborhood Preservation, I am writing this letter to the editor, for one reason. Not because I want to persuade your vote, and not because I have any political gain to be had from taking a position. I’m just one of those original neighbors, who needed help when my community was threatened, and I refused to sit back. But I do believe in transparency and sharing information with a community who otherwise may not be privy to all that goes on behind the scenes of the work that some of these leaders are doing.

I feel strongly that local voters of all-party affiliations should know stories like ours.

Voters should know that our little organization is just one example of the many community projects that have been uniquely enriched, and the platform elevated, by the unwavering support of State Rep. Laura Devlin and Senator Tony Hwang.

Voters should know that among those hard-working community volunteers, who show up to get a job done, who pitch in to make a difference, who have put in tireless hours to advocate for a cause they believe in, is State Rep. Laura Devlin & Senator Tony Hwang.

And we are thankful for their support of our cause.

This election season is coming up fast and furious, and many would argue that we are long overdue for a serious change in the political arena. But one thing must remain something we can all hope to rely on, and that is that issues in our communities, whatever they are, have the ability to be heard by people who will answer the call, will show up to listen , and have the skill and experience to leverage the issues to the proper vehicles of change. And I’m personally thankful that I have the unique experience of working with both State Rep. Laura Devlin and Senator Tony Hwang, to know that their leadership will deliver that commitment.

I’m not voting for them because of their party affiliation. I’m voting for them because of their commitment to our community.

Respectfully submitted,

Meghan McCloat |Neighbors for Neighborhood Preservation, Fairfield CT

Fairfield Resident

To the Editor,

Often when a person does a job extremely well, they make it look too easy. That, I suspect, is the case with Laura Devlin, our very talented and successful representative from the 134 District of Trumbull and Fairfield. Laura has mastered the learning curve, first as a top corporate executive, then as a successful entrepreneur. In past years she was elected to the Fairfield RTM, serving on the finance committee and elected to the Board of Assessment. She has brought this wealth of experience to Hartford for three
terms and we all benefit from that experience. That is why I am taken aback by the criticisms put forth by her challenger who has virtually no

As far as I know, she has never been elected to anything. Being appointed to the Arts Commission is not an elected position. She has no idea what it’s like to negotiate a bill or sit in a caucus. Has she ever been to the House Chambers in Hartford? Does she know what it’s like to sit through
meetings till the wee hours of the morning and then drive 60 miles back home? Laura does. She has never missed a vote! Her criticism of Laura is that Laura only knows how to vote “no.” We should all thank Ms. Devlin for leading the charge and voting “no” on tolls and regionalization of schools, saving the commuters an average of $20 per week, and protecting the autonomy of our local school systems.

Laura’s challenger also thinks that folks should vote for her just because she is a teacher. Why? Education is already well- represented in state government, and one’s occupation is not a major qualification for election to public office.

Laura Devlin protects the interests of her constituents and gets things done for the 134th District. For this, she has earned the respect and admiration of her colleagues and the people she represents. Let’s send Laura back to Hartford to continue her important work. Vote for Laura Devlin for State Representative.


Bill Domeika

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